A Friend came up to me and told me “ if Kenya continues like this you won’t have a country anymore” I was really angered by this statement not because she was being abusive or anything but because of the truth of it. We as Kenyans have been held hostage by politics and in particular this re-election. Personally I cannot wait for October 26 so that all this fiasco will be done. Do not get me wrong, I am not against the democratic ruling of the Supreme court. I applaud them for the bravery to overturn the results based on tangible facts; something that was unheard in the whole of Africa, but once the ruling was made it felt like de-ja-vu as streets filled up with both supporters and protesters, naive Kenyans closing their workplace to fill the streets of Nairobi. Subsequent weeks have seen the tussle between the police and protesters and that is quickly becoming our reputation. A recurring meme is that Kenyan protesters are no longer afraid of tear gas as they take it for breakfast; in fact, not bringing teargas to a protest is considered an insult. Kenya is suffering from a plague called politics as we have let politics cloud us our way of living, acting as a smoke screen to the many problems that we the common mwananchi is facing.

Due to this re-election, Kenya’s Nairobi Securities Exchange All Share Index is the worst performing index in Africa and the fifth worst performer in the world since September 1st when the vote was nullified by the Supreme Court.  More than KSH12 billion are being spent to prepare for the repeat polls, KSH TWELVE BILLION!!!!! Statistics can’t even to begin to point out the countless things that can be done to improve our already ailing nation and recently NASA principle Raila Odinga declared his withdrawal from the October 26 repeat election throwing the country into a political tailspin and pushing us further to a constitutional crisis.

We as the common mwananchi ask all the parties involved to swallow their political pride and let us move on as a country; the mama mboga wants to sell her products without fear of violence, she wants to make a profit so that she will feed her children and at the same time educate them, our children want to seat for their national examinations without any hiccup, I want to invest in the country without the fear of losing millions. Also we as Kenyan citizens need to stand up from our position of political ignorance and refuse to be used as pawns. Our country is at an all-time low, in order to restore our pride we need to open our eyes, come together with love as Kenyans regardless of our ethnicity, and present a united front a midst all this petty squabbles that are paralyzing our beloved country.

One of the most powerful songs I have heard recently is Nitabaki Na Nani by Sarabi, Juliani, H­_art the Band, Tear Drops Gacahago & Berry. In particular I love two lines “ Siasa ingekuwa Bibi ningekuwa nimeipea talaka juu kazi nikutugawanya kwa matabaka”(if politics was my wife I would have divorced her because she only divides us in ethnic lines) and “Nimegundua Upendo ni manure sisi ni maua lazima tutakua, Nimegundua Amani ni maua sisi ni maua lazima tutakua”( I’ve realized love is like manure we are flowers, we will grow.)

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