With a continent as diverse as Africa, you expect a variety of mouthwatering meals to choose from wherever you find yourself on the continent. This week’s focus is on the cuisine of Zimbabwe. It is impossible to cover all that Zimbabwe has to offer but these are the basics. Scroll, feast your eyes and if the pictures get to you- like I hope they will- try any one of these dishes out.

This is the most common dish in Zimbabwe. It is made most commonly with maize but a lot of people are switching to wheat instead these days. It is eaten with meat, sauce, gravy, sour milk or stewed vegetables

This is a breakfast meal. It is a porridge flavoured with peanut butter, milk, butter or jam

This a traditional peanut butter stew with vegetables.

This is a traditional soup made with wild mushrooms.

This is on the dessert flex; it is candied papaya with dusted sugar

Biltong is made from strips of meat, mostly beef, which are cured in salt, marinated in vinegar and air dried. It can be eaten as a snack or incorporated into other dishes.

Beer is the most popular drink and Zambezi is Zimbabwe’s national beer. There is also a traditional maize beer called whawha.


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